lazy post ... bunch of mailart received

made some stamps... let us play then

Coleção Formiguinha

"Coleção Formiguinha" is an old 60 numbers book collection. Just been offered 20 numbers... YAY!! These are a second edition, with the new covers, but still printed at Portugal. Nowadays ya find recent prints made in Asia.

framed snail mail artwork

Just received a framed artwork by snail mail... took literally a second to move it into the wall. I should try to send something like that also.

some returned snail mail and their stamps

cd refurbishing

I'm to lazy and i believe the pictures are self explanatory. That's how ya remove the silverfish stuff from CD's. Don't forget to scratch the starting point.

stamp away

Had to get myself one of these since i'm creating some stamps for my daily use. Bought at Porto's flea market.

be ready to some artbymail stuff... renova style

metal thingy

Whenever i visit an hardware store and see a cool thingy that i might use in a near future ... ya know the rest. This metal thingy was waiting to be used. And here's the pics.

pop-up workshop at cinanima

Had some fun on a pop-up workshop recently held at CINANIMA Festival