sprouter jar v.1

I decided to build this sprouter jar after seeing a few of them at instructables. This is a honey jar where I cutted the lid and assembled a plastic rigid net. After a few uses, the metal lid may start to rust so you can either buy an already made lid or use a plastic drilled one.
That's also a fancy expanded PVC black tainted stand for the jar with a sardines can to collect the dripping water.
It works this way:
  1. leave whatever you want to sprout, trough the night, in the jar filled with water on your fridge. (if needed)
  2. rinse it at least twice a day, for four to five days, and leave it to drain on his stand every time.
  3. eat raw, cooked, anyway, ...!
By the way, ... I've tried the black eyed peas sprouts and didn't liked it.

Decidi construir este frasco para criação de rebentos depois de ter visto uns quantos no instructables. Trata-se de um frasco de mel onde cortei a tampa e coloquei uma rede de plástico com alguma rigidez. Depois de alguns usos, a tampa de metal pode começar a enferrujar pelo que podem comprar uma já feita ou então usar uma de plástico e fazer vários furos nela.
Possui ainda um suporte feito de PVC expandido pintado de preto, com uma lata de sardinhas para recolher as gotas de água que possam escorrer.
Funciona assim:
  1. deixar o grão ou semente, durante a noite, dentro do frasco com água, no frigorífico. (se necessário)
  2. passar por água pelo menos duas vezes ao dia, durante quatro a cinco dias, e deixar a escorrer no suporte.
  3. comer cru, cozinhado, de qualquer forma, ...!
Já agora, ... experimentei os rebentos de feijão fradinho mas não gostei.


Teo said...

Ok, now I get it! :) Very impressive jar and draining system!! How did you cut the center part out of the metal lid? You make it look so simple. There was a time when I was sprouting like a crazy but then I gave up 'cause it was getting complicated. I used fine nylon netting with rubber instead of the lid. Now when I sprout I use a simple organza bag which I hang over a plate or simply on top of the sink, but I'd definitely love a system like yours! The PVC stand is so cool!! :D

enVide neFelibata said...

OK, here it goes...
I've used this baby [http://envidenefelibata.blogspot.com/2010/07/machine-of-century.html] to cut the metal lid.
Since the lid is made out of metal, the area near the cuts started to get rusty. I couldn't find such jars also, neither some ready made lids with those rubber end-caps. Nowadays I use the thin nylon net [those for bathing] with a rubber.
And yes, .. I'm also thinking on buying myself some plastic/rubber suckers things and hang the jar upside-down over my sync.
I'm also working on an automatic rinsing system [with sprinklers and all] so that I won't forget to water my lil sprouts. That would be fun!!!

So far I'm truly enjoying my lentil sprouts and aiming to try out some cheek peas.

Teo said...

Oh, now I really want that machine. I'm afraid to ask how much it costs but I've already imagined multiple functions for it so I've got to have it.
If metal rusts at the cuts couldn't we use plastic lids instead? Do we need another machine to cut those too? :)

As for the rinsing system, that would be totally amazing!!! If you ever get to make it put me on the list, I'll be your first (out of many!) customer.

As I looked better at your system, I saw you can even hang it on the wall or something :) how cool!

I love lentil sprouts too, some of my favorites. I never ate peas sprouts but after your recommendation I probably won't try at all :) Chickpeas is delicious if you rinse it well, like three times per day maybe, otherwise you'll see :) it tends to get a nasty smell. I also eat mung beans, they're easy to sprout although I'm not so crazy about them. But have you ever tried alfalfa sprouts, they are really the best!!

enVide neFelibata said...

Never tried alfalfa nor mung beans. I'm curious now.
I'm trying one at a time, weighting and taking notes and pictures every day.
The machine costs around 80€ [at Leroy Merlin] or less, ... and I use it almost daily on my puppets. Plastic lids... well yea with some drilled holes maybe.
I'll keep you updated on my 'system'.