fuck me not

Recently I've been investing more time on MAILART. Well, ... it's not really MailArt, I'm more into ArtByMail. I've been sending free art, by mail, for years and trading with anyone. The best trade I had so far was one of my drawings for one music. TOP!!
I keep a keen eye on nearby projects and contests. It's common for companies and City Halls to create design contests. It's the cheapest way to get different design proposals and on these cases it is customary for the artist to give up off all his fees for a really low monetary prize.

There's so many Fuc$ing galleries working like this. You basically send your artwork by snail mail,; they create the exhibition; give themselves titles as Curators, Producers, Gallerists or whatever and IF YOU'RE LUCKY they might send you an invitation, a few pictures by email and put your name on a piece of paper.

And by the way. What happens to the artwork? They clearly say NO RETURN.

Não me apetece escrever em português agora... mas digamos apenas que é uma filha da put$ce.

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