prickalot ?

These are some of the pictures that IUOMA members shared. These sets are now complete and closed. I ain't doing another print in the near future. The first set is of 50 prints and the second one, on two colors, is of 25 prints.
... someday I'll do it in CMYK ... lol ... and I'll call it PrickaLot!

BTW... let us share a persons comment on this work:

Your generous spirit has impressed me since I first saw it on this IUOMA website. I have loved the way you share your work with the members here, and I am honored to know I, also, am a recipient of a piece of your art.
Please consider my regard for you as an artist as I make a request. I am asking you to remove your most recent photos from the photo gallery. I feel sorry that you have chosen this subject and method to communicate with the world. I wondered what the images would be when i saw the first information about your new project. I am dismayed to think that you would want this as a part of your legacy, a part of your body of work as an artist.
You are better than this, you really are. You can fill the world with powerful images and moving works of art without this low treatment of the topic. I believe you have real talent and great ability to communicate with the world. I appeal to you to consider the lasting value of all your art, and the impact it can have, long after you are gone. I believe that those who applaud this new project are doing you no favor.

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